Will there be more cryptocurrency gambling in the future?

In recent years, the gaming industry has reached new heights. Due to a pandemic sweeping the globe forcing us all to stay home more than usual. It almost goes without saying that we need to find ways to entertain ourselves so we don’t get bored to death or walk through walls because we have to “stay home”. Luckily — and we capitalize lucky — we had the Internet then. Guess how many people in the world would walk on walls without internet access. Thanks to the Internet, we can not only work, but also have fun during the epidemic.

Will there be more cryptocurrency gambling in the future 1

Increased interest in online entertainment

Our human understanding of entertainment varies widely based on personal preferences and desires. For example, some people really like Netflix and Viaplay, others prefer PS5, Xbox and PC gaming, and still others love the combination of entertainment and excitement in the form of online gambling. Some are also using the lockdown period to educate themselves on the latest big thing in IT — cryptocurrencies. Some also invested a lot of money and started trading cryptocurrencies.

Needless to say, in the age of blockchain that we have, there has been an increase in interest in online gambling. Some people find one of the many online casinos that now abound. Gamers who usually don’t spend that much time playing games find online casinos and online gambling to be a great source of entertainment while killing time during the lockdown.

Some have opened their eyes to online entertainment.

Cryptocurrencies Conquer the Gambling Industry

It can be said that the cryptocurrency has gained a lot of attention because of Bitcoin. As interest in cryptocurrency grows, it is slowly but surely being embraced by more and more industries, including gaming. We saw several gambling sites that allow cryptocurrency deposits and withdrawals.

The advantage of using cryptocurrency online is that it is anonymous. In this way, it will be more difficult for country e to find out who is playing on foreign gambling websites. At the same time, using cryptocurrencies is much easier than using bank cards because there is no need to enter bank card details and there is a risk of being exploited by hackers. Some people may have a slightly different opinion about the simplicity between bank cards and cryptocurrencies, because the keys of each cryptocurrency are very complex, consisting of numbers, uppercase and lowercase letters randomly arranged.

Will there be more cryptocurrency gambling in the future 2

Cryptocurrencies are already in vogue

There is no doubt that cryptocurrencies have gained a firm foothold in society, even though many believe the hype is dying or the bubble is about to burst. Today, you can find dozens of websites that sell services or goods on the Internet and accept cryptocurrencies as a form of payment. It has become almost commonplace for people to use any of the many different cryptocurrencies on the market for everything from shopping to gambling. Several credit cards have even been issued that allow you to use the card to earn cryptocurrencies on everyday transactions. Large financial institutions and banks are unlikely to adopt and accept cryptocurrencies like mortgages or car franchising unless cryptocurrencies gain a firm foothold in society. Cryptocurrencies have almost entered the public domain.

Why do we think there will be more cryptocurrency gambling?

If we look back 5 years ago, there were many people (including the undersigned below) who were extremely skeptical of cryptocurrencies led by Bitcoin. But now look at Bitcoin’s performance. The value of a single bitcoin is absolutely unbelievable right now. Yes, the price of Bitcoin is volatile, but so are stocks — probably not as much as Bitcoin. Other cryptocurrencies such as Dogecoin and Ethereum have also gained momentum and their value has also increased, but not to the same extent as Bitcoin. The exchange rate between the two is relatively stable, and many people speculate on cryptocurrencies, so invest heavily.

Will there be more cryptocurrency gambling in the future 3

Traditional deposit methods pave the way for cryptocurrencies

The main reason we think there will be more cryptocurrency gambling has a lot to do with our existing laws and regulations. Depositing funds at gaming sites using traditional Visa and Mastercard cards issued by Russian electronic banks is becoming increasingly difficult due to the lack of one or more truly reliable e-wallets. This paved the way for cryptocurrencies, which many players on betting sites already know.

Some people own cryptocurrencies

If we also look at the number of people who have crypto wallets, we see that this number is growing and getting bigger over time. With multiple industries accepting cryptocurrencies as a form of payment, many people have realized the benefits of owning one or more cryptocurrencies. Cryptocurrencies are not only used by gamers, but also by regular people who may not have a cryptocurrency wallet just for gaming.