sMiles: An app that pays you Bitcoins for walking down the street

Dubbed sMiles, a new app from the creator of cross-platform messenger IM+ will pay you for “what you’re already doing.”


The sMiles app allows you to earn Bitcoins for simple everyday activities such as walking or playing games.
The app is based on the Lightning Network, a layer-two Bitcoin scaling solution.
In the future, the functionality will be extended to the IM+ cross-platform messaging app.
Startup StandApp has announced that it will soon launch sMiles, an app powered by the Bitcoin Lightning network that will allow users to earn cryptocurrencies for performing simple daily activities such as walking, running, cycling, playing games or watching videos.

Igor Berezovsky, project leader and co-founder and CEO of Shape – the company behind one of the earlier instant messaging apps IM+ – said that sMiles aims to promote the mass adoption of Bitcoin, or “hyperbitcoinization”, while simultaneously making people “healthier, richer and happier.”“SMiles stands for sats & miles. The app is for everyone, not just people who already know what Bitcoin is. In addition to the end user app, we also have a powerful, scalable Lightning backend that we want to offer to app partners who are interested in microstimulation for their users,” Berezovsky stated.
To measure the distances people travel, sMiles will use a smartphone GPS location service. According to Berezovsky, users will receive Satoshi even for driving, although not as much as for walking, as the application wants to promote a healthy lifestyle. Users will also receive initial rewards for granting the app various permissions such as access to geolocation and notifications.

All savings can be freely transferred to any external Lightning wallet.

Also, registration is not required unless you wish to withdraw more than 10,000 Satoshi.

“You don’t need to register your real username with sMiles. We are absolutely committed to privacy and security of use,” Berezovsky added.
He also noted that while sMiles is currently funded by “family and friends, with no institutional funding”, the startup already plans to work with insurance companies, advertisers and other partners in the future and is currently “in talks with several game providers who are interested in in the sMiles backend.”

Following the launch of sMiles, the startup also plans to integrate similar functionality into the IM+ cross-platform app.

“Of course, there is a plan that IM+ will use the sMiles backend. I believe that people should earn Bitcoins not only for steps. In the case of IM+, people should finally earn Bitcoins for using social networks, instant messengers and for watching videos,” Berezovsky added.
The developers are currently accepting applications for the closed public testing of sMiles. The application will be available for iOS and Android operating systems, as well as for Apple Watch.