Move and earn: how it works

Today there is an active digital transformation of society, every day the cryptocurrency is more and more integrated into everyday life, changing it in all areas. Therefore, the mass adoption of cryptocurrency no longer seems like a distant future, but is becoming a very real prospect.

This industry is actively developing all over the world, in particular, in Ukraine. More and more opinion leaders and influential people are investing in cryptocurrency, which in turn stimulates an increase in the level of trust in the industry among ordinary people. Therefore, the cryptocurrency is confidently becoming mainstream and gathering more and more fans around it.

Thus, according to Chainalysis research, Ukraine is among the top three countries in terms of adopting cryptocurrencies.

Today, there are many mechanics of earning on cryptocurrency, in addition to trading and centralized investments in crypto. These are the Move to Earn and Learn to Earn directions.

At the heart of each of them is the monetization of certain actions to earn cryptocurrency.

Yes, the Learn to Earn mechanic allows you to earn cryptocurrency by learning, for example, English.

But today we’ll talk in more detail about the more sporty trend, namely Move to Earn.

What is Move-to-Earn and how does it work?

Move to Earn (“move-to-earn”) is a crypto market initiative designed to encourage users to move more and earn cryptocurrency from it. Today, this trend is actively gaining popularity in Ukraine.

The rapid development of technology and digitalization could not but affect the gaming industry.

Today, Move to Earn games are gaining popularity in the world, where the player is rewarded for performing certain sports activities.

Move to Earn game STEPN

There are several applications that allow you to earn cryptocurrency while playing sports, which is an additional incentive for training. The most popular among them is STEPN, the world’s first Move-to-Earn NFT game, which has become wildly popular.

By the way, STEPN takes the second position among apps in the Health and Fitness category in the App Store in Ukraine.

The STEPN gaming application is built on the Solana blockchain. In the game, the user buys NFT sneakers and earns cryptocurrency by jogging in real life (you need to run with a smartphone, turning on GPS).

NFT shoes have different features (wear, comfort, and energy scale) and vary in price (one pair, on average, starts at $300). The more active the user, the more his earnings in the form of GST tokens.

According to STEPN players, users manage to “earn” from the equivalent of $40 per day of sports activity, which depends on the number of sneakers and their parameters.

Educational platform

Given the huge wave of popularity of this crypto direction, the world’s largest crypto exchange Binance decided to create an educational platform together with STEPN, where the organizers will explain how the Move to Earn format works and will give prizes for active participation in the educational promo campaign.

Join the main trend of our time that unites active, energetic and determined people – Move to Earn! This is the future that has already arrived. The world is changing, change with it!