Money for walking app

We inform you that on the night of last Saturday, the first stage of preliminary testing of the new cryptocurrency Bitwalking, which can be earned by walking, started. The accumulated funds will be available for exchange for real money, withdrawal and purchases in online stores. The authors of the project, the British Nissan Bahar and Frankie Imbesi, promise the project a bright future, and the near future will show how justified their expectations will be. Cryptocurrency Bitwalking was created quite recently and is still in testing mode. But the idea itself, at first glance, looks quite attractive: The developers do not report what specific algorithm was used to analyze the number of steps. According to information provided by bbc, it is known that the capabilities of GPS positioning and Wi-Fi connections are used to analyze the distance traveled, speed and type of movement.

You can earn Bitwalking cryptocurrency (BW$) using the Go mobile app and your legs!!!

To encourage people to play sports, app developers are implementing systems of achievements and competitions with friends. Sweatcoin went further and decided to encourage users to lead an active lifestyle with cash rewards. The author of the idea is Russian businessman Oleg Fomenko. The application of the same name uses an accelerometer and GPS on a smartphone to count steps and the general physical activity of a person – 1 steps is then converted into 1 SWC Sweatcoin.

This is not about paying rewards for walking, the currency is generated while walking in the same way that digital cryptocurrencies are generated when performing computer calculations. SWC is generated by human movements. You can spend money on purchases at partner companies, including yoga classes, clothing, high-tech boots or Apple Watch. The co-founder of Sweatcoin said he plans to use blockchain technology to manage the distribution of a new currency that will eventually be pegged to the British pound sterling.

Fomenko is also negotiating with insurance companies and corporations that could use Sweatcoin application data when applying for medical insurance to their clients or awarding employees bonuses for an active lifestyle.

The Sweatcoin app is available for free download for iPhone users. In the coming months, the developers promise to release an Android version of the program. Source: Diger. Next material: Another startup craft, eating a battery in the background. In a month it will be forgotten. A small addition that might be mentioned in passing: “Available in the UK only. Enter your email to try beta outside the UK on iPhone 5s and above”.

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Collect sweatcoins and exchange them for money
Are there shoes with a daily changing design? Can a megaphone replace an interpreter? Today we will find out! The rapidly developing cyberspace, with its grandiose scale and creative approach even to everyday issues, today allows you to earn on almost everything: from simply viewing ads to paid consumer surveys. And soon this list may be replenished with another option for earning money. True, not so big … Bitwalking – get paid for walking Japanese developers have already raised more than $ 10 million for their new project called Bitwalking. It will be dedicated to trying to motivate people to a healthy lifestyle.

Users will be able to spend the earned money in an online store or Started testing of a cryptocurrency that can be earned by walking Started testing an application that is for quantity.

How does a Schwgamer make money?

How it works? But here lies another problem: the performance of the tracker can be artificially inflated. However, Sweatcoin has competitors. Advertising on RBC www. national projects. Sale of business. RBC Prize Sharing Economics Rap as Literature. Hide banners. What is your location?

Earn money by walking with the Go app!

Money for walking app

Bitwalking is earning cryptocurrency with the help of steps, you walk a certain number of kilometers, and you get coins for this.. The Bitwalking application charges cryptocurrency for walking. So, for example, for every ten thousand steps, one Bitwalking Dollars is credited to the account. The accrued amount can be spent on in-app purchases. This mobile phone application was created to introduce people to sports so that they move more.

Life is in full swing here, its dynamics is in no way inferior to offline: Today, among other ways to generate income, the World Wide Web makes it possible to mine bitcoins, for this you do not need to buy programs, pay for registration on the site: Despite its virtuality, bitcoin is a stable, demanded currency – its exchange rate today is more than 10 dollars for one bitcoin or BTCI promises to grow steadily. Some enterprising people picked up this idea and began to use such resources to make a profit, while allowing their users to earn bitcoins without investment.

Does the Stepamania app really pay $0.01 per 1 km or is it a scam?
The new pedometer for iPhone encourages exercise. For the steps taken, a reward will be credited to the user’s account. To do this, the authors of the program came up with their own currency: sweatcoins. For each step, 1 SWC will be credited to the virtual wallet. The idea of ​​giving bonuses for walking is not new. At the end of last year, an application was launched that generates cryptocurrency when a mobile user actively uses a pedometer.

Earn bitcoins while walking

Healthy rational nutrition, regular movement, positive thinking – these are the three main components of the foundation of a long, fruitfuloh and a happy life, not spoiled by ailments and stress. In our years of technological advances and sedentary lifestyles, running and walking are considered the simplest and most accessible health remedies for everyone. Since a healthy and active lifestyle has gained unprecedented popularity in our time, many manufacturers of fashionable fitness gadgets and smartphone application developers have decided to further support and develop the idea of ​​​​fighting health through physical activity, namely walking. They offer to earn money for walking. What is the essence of their idea? With the help of special trackers that count the number of steps you have taken, all the necessary information is sent to the application installed on your mobile device. The funds accumulated in this way can be spent on purchases in various online stores, or transferred to cash. Most skeptical citizens have a question, who benefits from this?